Not-for-profit community coaching! 🔥


WILD ONES coaching is for leaders in the community who are ready for higher levels of support, accountability, collaboration, connection, courage, discomfort, growth & impact in life! Our coaching is facilitated by our founder, Cam Miller, a life coach with over 6 years full-time experience!


'Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do!'

Warren Buffett


Most of the things we spend our money on are expenses. Clothing, cars, entertainment etc. all depreciate in value over time. Investing in 1:1 or group coaching through the WILD ONES, is an investment in yourself, your tribe, your life! And, is perhaps the surest ways to compound the freedom (including financially), love & transformation your heart desires! ✨🌈🤗


Sign up for coaching workshop notifications on the homepage, reach out to learn more about 1:1 coaching (via Instagram DM to @wildones_coaching or email to [email protected]) and/or if you're already a community member - start your 1:1 coaching journey now by booking a session below!



Currently our 1:1 coaching is only available to members of the WILD ONES community! 👫


If you'd like to book a 1:1 coaching session, please make sure you've got down to at least one of our community activities, and are following us on Instagram @wildones_community & @wildones_coaching!