012 Riley, Wei, Mingle & The Power of Community

Season #1

In this episode I'm talking to Riley Burke and Wei Chong. Both battled with mental health issues until they found that there were communities that would make them feel welcomed, supported and connected, for just being good human beings.

This led Riley to create Mingle, a community based on kindness, connection and live music, that's grown from having a handful of people at their events, to putting on an event shortly after the release of this episode for 400 people that involves WA's best musicians, community leader panels, and activities to help people feel connected and supported!

If you'd like to learn more about Riley, Wei's and/or Mingle's journey; If you'l like to feel more connected and supported through the power of community; If you might like to start a community of your own one day, then this episode is for you!

>>> View the video recording here: wild-ones.org/videos